I bring my clients’ gender lenses into focus and their communication strategies into the 21st century for the sake of their relationships, their bottom lines, their industries and the world.

My specializations include:

  • gender workshops and consultations for business: I lead training to help leaders and teams avoid the kinds of sexist customer interactions, internal policies and public communications that contribute to gender inequity, tarnish reputations and alienate customers, stakeholders or staff. I also conduct gender justice reviews for services, products, apps and online content, policies and marketing plans.
  • multimedia educational resource development: I produce educational resources on gender and feminism, politics, media literacy and social justice. I write curricula and learning activities, prepare training packages and create rich multimedia online resources like the Position Primer for Women in Toronto Politics and the Girls in Tech Teaching Kit for Mozilla.
  • communication modernization for government and non-profits: I create customized plans for public and non-profit sector organizations to optimize their resources to take the greatest advantage of social media, their website and/or blog, crowdfunding and other web-based and mobile tools. Want to build mutually beneficial, lasting relationships with donors, volunteers or participants under 40? This might help.

Other things I do well:

  • planning and facilitation for high-energy interactive events
  • social media and community management for do-gooders, from training to strategy to audits

Past and current clients:

  • TVOntario
  • the Canadian Media Guild
  • Mozilla
  • White Ribbon Campaign
  • Long & McQuade (the booker described my gender-savvy customer service workshop as “tone-perfect”)
  • the National Film Board
  • Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women

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