Profiles/In-Depth Interviews

Peterborough-born activist sickened by online video game, Peterborough Examiner, May 15 2013 (available in print only)

The power of one: When Stephanie Guthrie experienced gender discrimination, she didn’t sit back – she sought justice. McClung’s Magazine, May 1 2013 (available in print only; the author included an expanded version on her own blog)

Role play: Feminist Stephanie Guthrie challenges male-heavy tradition in video games and politics, THIS Magazine, March/April 2013 issue (available with subscription only)

2nd Annual Menschie Award Nominees, The Grid, Dec. 19 2012

So, Who is Stephanie Guthrie?, Toronto Standard, Dec. 18 2012

2012 Hero (Advocates category): Stephanie Guthrie, Torontoist (end-of-year Heroes & Villains series), Dec. 18 2012

Interview: Stephanie Guthrie of Women in Toronto Politics, Dorkshelf, Jul. 18 2012


The politics of consent (panel at 19:30), CBC’s The National, Nov. 30 2014 (here’s a YouTube clip of just the panel)

Unfairly judged? Renee Zellwegger’s new look, eTalk CTV, Oct. 22, 2014

Feminism in Hollywood, eTalk CTV, Oct. 8 2014

Jennifer Lawrence speaks out on photo hack, eTalk CTV, Oct. 7 2014

A new anti-rape nail polish generates backlash as misguided approach to preventing rape, CBC’s The Current, Sept. 3 2014

Celebrity photo leak, JazzFM, Sept. 3 2014

Expert Steph Guthrie on celebrity leaks and hackers (clips featured on CBC Toronto and CBC’s The National), CBC News, Sept. 1 2014

Feminism in Hollywood, ET Canada, Jul. 8 2014

Rob Ford: Are we outraged enough?, CBC Radio’s The Current, May 2 2014

Why the cyberbullying bill is a lie, CANADALAND with Jesse Brown, Apr. 7 2014

Toronto firefighters lose jobs over social media posts, CBC’s The National, Sept. 17 2013

Firefighters’ dismissals spark debate on social media use, CBC Toronto, Sept. 17 2013

Panel discussion on Saint Mary’s University rape chant controversy, CTV News Channel, Sept. 6 2013

Interview about revenge porn, The Arlene Bynon Show on Sirius Radio, Jul. 24 2013

Rob Fordsplaining, Newstalk 1010’s Beyond the Mic with Mike Bullard, Apr. 22 2013

Social media harassment (lead-off story), CBC’s The National, Mar. 15 2013

INNERSpace: The Academy of the Impossible, SPACE Channel, Jan. 30 2013

Feminism’s future, TVO, The Agenda With Steve Paikin, Oct. 3 2012

Sexual assault defined, Global News Toronto, Sept. 27 2012

Interview with Steph Guthrie re: Take Back the Block (at 5:50), CBC News Toronto, Sept. 15 2012

Interview with Steph Guthrie re: Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian, Newstalk 1010 (via Soundcloud, with thanks to Andrea Houston), Jul. 11 2012

Print & Online

How to make a better man, Toronto Star, Nov. 30 2014

City Council’s race problem, NOW Magazine, Nov. 27 2014

Jennifer Lawrence among celebrity victims in leak of nude photos,, Sept. 1 2014

No charity for feminists, NOW Magazine, June 5 2014

Morgan Baskin fights sexism on the campaign trail, NOW Magazine, May 30 2014

Toronto missing women spark web attention after California shooting, Toronto Star, May 28 2014

Lawyer: Cybercrime bill could be applied to people sharing any porn, Halifax Chronical Herald, May 6 2014

Does Rob Ford have a woman problem?, Toronto Star, May 2 2014

TEDx Toronto 2013: Get to know 4 speakers,, Sept. 23 2013

Time to make “revenge porn” sharing a criminal act in Canada, Globe & Mail, Jul. 24 2013

Feminist movement’s future in question after third wave, Huffington Post, June 24 2013

Mayor Rob Ford offers to “explain how politics works” to Toronto women over coffee, Toronto Star, April 21 2013

The ugly internet, United Church Observer, April 6 2013

Alberta man’s ID hijacked after online comment war turns ugly, CBC News, Mar. 15 2013

Men’s issues or misogyny? Controversial men’s group to discuss Women’s Studies, Metro News, Feb. 25 2013

Who and What is Feminist?, TVO’s The Agenda Blog, Feb. 13 2013

Rob Ford verdict chilling effect: Can you afford to fight city hall?, Toronto Star, Jan. 26 2013

Rob Ford decision: What the experts think, Toronto Star, Jan. 25 2013

Internet trolls an online nightmare for young women, Toronto Star, Jan. 18 2013

Ford’s Chief of Staff criticized for “whores” comment, NOW Magazine, Dec. 14 2012

Do you call yourself a feminist?, FLARE Magazine, Nov. 14 2012

On Christie assaults, panic then shock, NOW Magazine, Oct. 25 2012

3 new ways for Toronto women to stay safe, Globe & Mail, Oct. 12 2012

Toronto anti-assault rallies may have curbed attacks: Detective, Metro News, Oct. 9 2012

Young women as influencers: How young women are using social media as power, Toronto Standard, Sept. 18 2012

Partiers “Take Back the Block” to protest recent sexual assaults, Torontoist, Sept. 17 2012

Concern grows over women’s safety on campus, The Ryersonian, Sept. 17 2012

Women fight for the right to party (safely), Globe & Mail, Sept. 14 2012

Taking safety back, Torontoist, Sept. 14 2012

In light of sex assaults, Take Back the Block aims to reclaim our streets, OpenFile Toronto, Sept. 13 2012

New mobile app “Not Your Baby” calls out sexual harassment, Torontoist, Sept. 13 2012

Take Back the Block parties aim to make Toronto safer, Metro News, Sept. 11 2012

Jeuxly’s first-time women game creators are in it to win it, Torontoist, Aug. 28 2012

They’re not sticks or stones, but tweets can still hurt you, National Post, Aug. 7 2012

Feminist battles Twitter trolls in critiquing sexist video game, Toronto Star, Aug. 3 2012

Sexist war on Twitter, Women’s Post, Jul. 20 2012

It’s time to raise the bar on tolerable humour, Globe & Mail, Jul. 17 2012

When the internet gets nasty: The campaign that launched a thousand trolls [TRIGGER WARNING: graphic images],, Jul. 12 2012

Woman’s call to end video game misogyny sparks vicious online attacks, Globe & Mail, Jul. 11 2012

Campaign against Anita Sarkeesian catches Toronto feminist in the crossfire, Toronto Star, Jul. 10 2012

Anita Sarkeesian, Stephanie Guthrie, and the strategic failures of trolls, Think Progress, Jul. 10 2012

Toronto woman threatened over video game protest [TRIGGER WARNING: graphic images],, Jul. 9 2012

Toronto Tweeter causes uproar over violent Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian game [TRIGGER WARNING: graphic images], Toronto Standard, Jul. 9 2012

How to be a more powerful woman online, Toronto Standard, Jun. 1 2012

Seven ways to get more women in politics, Toronto Standard, May 31 2012

Five things I learned about Women in Toronto Politics, The Grid, May 24 2012

Let’s talk about gender balance at City Hall, OpenFile Toronto, May 24 2012